Finals Week


Sitting in Strozier library with my two good friends planning out our Spring semester. I’m just here to say that once I reflect on the time I’ve been in college, I have concluded that we are more than capable of doing EXCEEDINGLY well in school if we apply ourselves. I have done well, but not my BEST. My goal for SPRING 16′ is to not procrastinate, put in 150% effort, and actually learn the material in front of me so that when FINALS do approach I can review and not teach myself 16 weeks of materials in 3 days.


Happy Finals Week



Happy New Year, Happy Valentines Day!!

I have been superrrrr busy which I really love because I hate not being productive..

School is okay, my grades are good & campaign week has ended…

My opnion on all that is people vote for their friends instead of someone who will represent the university to its entirety…Its popularity over poise.. Popularity over dignity. Popularity over the needs of our university…. I always thought about becomimg “Miss ……” whatever college I attended but I don’t want my name on anything that isn’t geniune… This matter is really way bigger than me so I won’t go any further…

In better news, I’ve been living it up!!! I’ve been to New Orleans this month… & basically partied the whole month for my friends’ birthday!

Now it’s back to business for these midterms….

ttyl… Stay pretty, not petty. ❤️


Lastnight I felt my heart beating double
I figured it was you,
You were always trouble
I miss that grin
I even miss the way we sinned
Nothing can compare to the connection we had
I’ve try new things, but it never lasts
Everyone is doing great
Your babygirl, too..
Even as she grows older, still looking like you
Your “would’ve been” best man, your bestfriend, your right hand
He’s great too…
Starting to remind me off you
I think he may just be your living proof
Anyway, I miss you… See you in my dreams soon….

Championship Ring..

He was the wide receiver
He wanted her at quarter back
So she could have control
& if need be, she’d run it back
Captain of his team
Never sold her dreams
Told her to come through on every play
Told her to always stay in her lane
She wanted more…
She wanted more than for him to score.
She wanted that ring…
That championship ring..
She thought if she did that one thing
It would maybe change the game
But ….. Nope
He’s just a wide receiver
He was always the receiver
So to receive “her” meant nothing to him
But she wanted that ring
That championship ring
You see everyone wins
But only one gets that ring…
Her last name never changed…
She never realized that she was the quarter back
She had all the plays
She shouldn’t have changed her ways
But it was too late
She never got that ring..

fictionally non-fiction

Attitude because I wanted in on a shopping trip
Walking to class
Face in Phone, as always
Just paying enough attention to know where I’m going
Deciding to take the stairs because I had a few extra minutes
Suddenly.. There’s a girl
In the stairway on her knees face full of tears just crying
Not sure whether my heart or phone dropped first but regardless
I immediately grabbed her in my arms and didn’t ask any questions
I didn’t want to know who made her mad, who broke her heart, who died, or what class she is failing
All I knew was that she was hurting and we needed God to step in at that very moment
I begin to pray asking that whatever she stood in need of be taken care of not tomorrow, not next semester, but now.. I asked him for peace of mind, & healing like never before..
(Her mom had lost her battle to cancer and the last thing she said was to do well in school.. She felt like she was failing her mom)
At this moment not going shopping was an ant in elephant land
Without even knowing her situation I knew that mine was not comparable and to be grateful because at any given moment my situation could be worse…
We sometimes get so wrapped up in materials and worldly things that we forget what actually matters
I helped her, but in reality she was helping me…
She was Gods way of saying be grateful you have more than enough & to anyone else going through something…keep the faith because it could be worse.
*Life health strength*

Blog about nothing.

They say….”If it was easy everyone would be doing it…”
Well they are, now what..
Everyone is in college.
Everyone has a degree.
Everyone is having babies.
Everyone is a rapper.
Everyone is a comedian.
Everyone is getting money.
Truth is Ralph Lauren dropped out of college his second year & now his net worth is 8.2 billion…
& Truth is, Lebron nobody believed in your hoop dreams 20 years ago..
& Truth is Kevin hart got boo’d off the stage in 2001
& Truth is Beyonce had a miscarriage now she’s the mother of Blue Ivy.
Truth is Multi millionaire Tyler perry was homeless before
Moral is you will get a thousand no’s, a million doors will close, you will fall down a billion times & the ONLY thing that matters is how you get up brush the dirt off & keep going!!!
So keep your sob stories about how hard life is & how nobody believes in you.. YOU need to believe in YOU & that’s it!!
In elementary I heard a saying: If you don’t succeed at first TRY, TRY, AGAIN..
Live by that…

Ps.. This was heavy on my mind so I didn’t write a poem. But stay tuned and I will!!!

I know you didn’t mean to kill him..

I know you didn’t mean to kill him.
I know you knew he had a family.
I know you knew he a 2 year old baby girl depending on her daddy.
I know you knew he had big dreams.
I know you knew …
I know you didn’t mean to kill him.
You got into his bloodstream.
Although he was covered by the blood of Jesus
You made him weak.
Although God intended for him to be strong.
You made him vulnerable to viruses without being able to fight back like a champ I know he was.
You gave him chills and sweats at the same time…
Never knowing if he should use the heat or the ac..
You swell his neck & throat from enlarged lymph nodes
You grew too many immature white blood cells

You knew he couldn’t fight it off…

You went hard on him..
You spread rapidly.
You were fatal..
Yet I know you didn’t mean to kill him….